Checking out 3D imagery with your red-and-blue glasses.

I – and my kids – have been fascinated with 3D films and effects lately. In fact, we have been making silly paper-based anaglyphs with red and blue markers just to see what we could do.

Some time ago, Andrew Benson put up Jitter Recipe #43 that shows how to do anaglyphs in Jitter. The opened the door to Max-based 3D that would go beyond the typical stick-poking-you-in-the-eye graphics.

David Butler, author of the imp.* tools, also did some experiments with anaglyphs created in Max. His Microfiche project is a great example of something generative and eye-bending. So don those red/blue 3D glasses and take this for a whirl!

Microfiche from The Impersonal Stereo on Vimeo.

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