Making Giant Theremins with Max

For many years Robin Fox has been at the frontier of Australia’s leading audio-visual practitioners, innovatively using Max and interactive design systems to engage and challenge audiences across the globe.

As expected, many of his projects involve Max in one form or another from controlling motors that deflect lasers to taking data from wave-rider buoys in the Southern Ocean. He is most notably known for his synesthesia inducing laser based live shows but in recent times has implemented some very interesting works involving live interactivity and tracking.

Commissioned by the City of Melbourne to create a Giant Theremin, Fox set about designing and implementing a live scale version in full polyphonic. Using a camera tracking system to trigger sounds (in place of an electro magnetic field) and the ability to track up to 8 individual people at any one time, day or night.

I find these particular projects interesting as it not only uses Max in an innovative way within the public realm but encourages people and strangers to interact and step outside their comfort zone.

Giant Theremin

Laser Works

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