Tree Climbing Cars

    While strolling through the internet, you sometimes stumble upon stuff which you like, and sometimes stuff which you really like. This video, brought to my attention by one of my colleagues, is something which I really, really like.
    Even before I got it translated by a Japanese-speaking friend, the radiant smiles of the children and the cool setup were fascinating. OK, it seems to be sponsored by a big car company, but the initiators of this project appear to not only be asking what the car of the future will look like. They want to provoke the children's creativity and to show them that it is their ideas that can transform anything into anything. And i think they demonstrate this nicely by transforming a car into an instrument, using self-recorded sounds and the help of Max, Ableton Live and some sensors - and it seems to have been a lot of fun too :)
    Now these children are telling us that in the future, cars might be their friends or climb trees, or many other things - there are no limits to your imagination. I think that this is a great message to teach.