Open Sound Control Sequencer connected to Max

    Need a timeline that automates your Max patchers, but also can connect to other things? Do you want it to use Open Sound Control to communicate? What if you could have two way communication for the standalone Open Sound Control sequencer to query the state of the Max patcher?
    I-Score offers this. It is particularly well suited to patchers structured for the currently bleeding edge version Jamoma.

    i-score general presentation

    • Dec 22 2012 | 12:23 pm
      Thanks Tim for promoting !
      One thing we would like to add : if that's true that i-score works with the latest version of Jamoma, it also works just as fine with the previous version... and also with a plain Max pattrstorage interface... so there's no need to install anything else than a light pattrstorageToMinuit interface to get going...
      Hope you guys like it !