Sound Design with Max

    UK-based sound designer and educator Mark Durham’s blog Sound Design with Max is a great resource for learning more about using Max for designing rich and complex sounds for use in film scores, video games, or just scaring your neighbors. In addition to a set of useful patches and sound examples, you’ll find fascinating commentary on Durham’s process and techniques. One point Durham makes is that a lot of the work he does is vastly easier and faster in Max than it would be in a DAW. Since people are always telling me how much easier it is to “make stuff” in a DAW than Max, it’s nice to hear a different perspective.

    • Mar 27 2014 | 5:55 pm
      Thank you for sharing this. Are there some "recipies" already in this direction available  (like the jitter recipies then)? I am interested in how to gathering the physical qualities of the reverb of a sound and to aplly it to another (like, if I understand right is doing Mark Durham with IR)