3 Explorations in Gen~

    Following the release of Gregory Taylor and Graham Wakefield's new book of Gen inspiration, we invited 3 artists to each produce a patch for us that does something with gen~. Each of these artists have demonstrated a serious mastery of Gen patching in their frequent posts online, and we were excited to see what they came up with. The patches they sent us are all impressive demonstrations of what is possible with Gen, and exceeded all of my expectations. Whether you're looking for some good Gen tricks, or just want to experience the patches, there's a lot here to enjoy. From Daniele's rhythmic granular synthesis patch, to Fendoap's fully realized generative music, and Massimiliano's math-intensive and thoroughly documented algorithmic modelling, you'll find 3 very different approaches to patching. I hope you download the patches below and tune into their social media feeds to see more of their incredible Max patches.

    Daniele Fabris (@daniele.fabris)

    This is a patch for sample playback implementing a simple algorithm of granular synthesis in gen~. It creates a constant auto-re-triggered stream of crossfading sections of the source sample. The pitch, read position and windowing of each grain can be modulated to reach deconstructed sounds in organic rhythmic patterns.
    DanieleFabris x C74gen.maxpat
    maxpat 117.36 KB

    Fendoap (y.o.fendoap)

    Here's a patch that creates music with just one gen~ object. Global transport, metro, kick, hi-hat, synth, delay, reverb,sequencer, etc. have been written in a single gen~ object. It's all written in gen~, so you can write it into daisy with using oopsy. If you write various things using gen~, your understanding will deepen. gen~ is good for learning dsp.

    Massimiliano Cerioni (@cerionimusic)

    I have implemented a two species competition-cooperation model in Gen using Lotka- Volterra equations, to generate a controlled chaos with very specific behaviors like asymptotic convergence, periodicity/quasi-periodicity, attractor-like motion, distributed pseudo-randomness, etc. I was inspired by the work and the researches of Iannis Xenakis and Rob Hordijk.

    by Andrew Benson on
    Dec 15, 2022 8:04 PM

    • MaxMspUser
      Dec 18 2022 | 2:55 am
      Hi there, it seems both fendoap and Daniele's patch can not be downloaded. After click their download links are full of codes.
    • 👽R∆J∆ The Resident ∆lien👽's icon
      👽R∆J∆ The Resident ∆lien👽's icon
      @MaxMSPUser you can right-click on the download icon, and choose 'SaveAs...', when you save, make sure '.maxpat' is at the end of the file name, this way it should save as a file ready to load into Max(alternately, you could select all the code you see when you click the download link, choose 'Copy' from your browser, and then just 'Paste' straight into a new empty patch within Max).
    • 👽R∆J∆ The Resident ∆lien👽's icon
      👽R∆J∆ The Resident ∆lien👽's icon
      (oh, i get it now, maxmspuser was probably noting they could make the single files downloadable same as in regular threads: )
    • HighHarmonics's icon
      HighHarmonics's icon
      Dec 20 2022 | 6:42 am
      Wow. This is so cool. Each of these is so different, and provide so much to explore. I've just start the new Gen book and look forward to the journey of exploration ahead. The granular patch (Fabris) is great - the best Max granular synth patch I've seen - but I can also see ways to expand on it. Thanks C74 - this is a great way to support users and support artists working with your tools.