A Workshopping Spree

    My colleagues Andrew and Meg and I headed over to the new Recombinant Media Labs facility last week for a fun-filled week of Max workshoppery.
    Of course, I was so busy pitching Max/MSP/Jitter patch projections around and ranting at the some 20-some brave souls gathered to attend that there aren't any pictures of me, and probably fewer or Andrew and Meg in action dispelling the phantoms of fear and doubt. I apologize for this, but will share such as I have.
    The site itself was wonderful, and their staff as decent and friendly as one could have wished for. This is particularly amazing, since they were spending long evening hours after we departed readying for a concent event on the Saturday when the workshop concluded. They remained conscious and helpful throughout an ordeal I can only imagine (sleep dep is not one of my things). Bravo, boys.
    I was photographing during the lunch periods, however. They were generally a welcome event, enlivened by good weather and a roof garden...
    ...and, on one particularly special day, a lunch from the Tamale Lady, a famous local SF personage who makes spectacular tamales.
    Joshua Clayton paid us a special visit and charmed the masses with an introduction to slabbery in his own inimitable style.
    But it wasn't all me ranting, nosirree. I was greatly assisted by my colleagues Andrew, who provided QuickTIme and OpenGL illumination to the assembled masses...
    ...and Meg who limned the subtle depths of scheduling and patch tracing, in addition to Lemur-wrangling.
    Following the workshop, our "classroom" was transformed into what has now become my favorite listening room ever. Saturday evening featured performances in their extraordinary space from Trevor Wiahrt
    and Richard Devine
    ...who turned in one of the most interesting performances I've ever heard from him. A great end to a wonderful (if exhausting week).

    by Gregory Taylor on
    Feb 1, 2006 1:42 PM