Collaborative Drum Kit in Max, Part 2

    Drums and rhythm are a foundational element of electronic music especially, and every artist has their preferences in how they should sound. Drum voices can also be a fun sound design challenge for Max patching. For this community project, we invited four artists to each create their unique take on some classic percussion sounds - rimshot, clap, cowbell, and cymbal - along with a custom sequencer that puts this collection into action. You can find the first Collaborative Drum Kit project here.
    screenshot of the drum kit sequencer
    screenshot of the drum kit sequencer


    Sequencer - nouserid

    "I always enjoy making music more when I'm not totally sure what's going to come out of the sequencers next. This sequencer has the ability to generate sequences with semi - predictable variation using just a few parameters.
    An initial trigger starts a cascade of possible patterns from the input of the matrix. The matrix basically tells the sequencer its possible destinations after the current step, except for position 0 which is instantly triggered when the sequence restarts. You can also set a delay time for each step to wait before triggering (0 being no delay, 1 being a 16th note, and 16 being 1 bar, etc.). There is also a control for the probability of the delay of a step being applied or ignored. Step size is the note duration and it works on the same time system as the delay.
    We also have the optional function to mute (choke) all other voices with each trigger, which can create some interesting variation and unexpected results on its own.
    This is a basic implementation of the concept but there are so many different directions you could take it and features you could add, depending on your tastes.." - nouserid. Find nouserid on Instagram Note: The sequencer patch download includes all of the patches listed below.
    maxzip 2.24 MB
    Download nouserid's sequencer patch

    Cymbal - babumamusic

    "Mesh is a physical modeling cymbal synthesizer, implementing a 2D waveguide mesh as its resonator with downsampling at the end." - babumamusic. Find babumamusic on Instagram
    Download babumamusic's Cymbal patch
    Melody Loveless
    Melody Loveless

    Cowbell - Melody Loveless

    "This patch is inspired by the Roland 808 cowbell. I researched and reviewed how others were doing this, like reviewing old circuit diagrams and watching how others were recreating this sound in Ableton. It was a fun exercise." - melodycodes. Find Melody on Instagram
    maxpat 87.45 KB
    Download Melody's Cowbell patch

    Rimshot - Onokio

    "rim_shot uses shaped noise, an envelope, a minimal feedback delay line with modulated params, and an optional chorus effect to produce a sound resembling a synthesized rim shot and other unusual percussive elements.” - onokio. Find onokio on Instagram
    Download onokio's Rimshot patch

    Clap - Mjulev

    "I would like to introduce you to my interpretation of a clap synthesizer. The entire module is inspired by the 808 clap and is divided into two voices. You can independently modify the "Punch" and "Release" with the patch. I like to build the instrument into a clear interface as well, as this usually determines how quickly I can generate and create sounds. Have fun trying it out!" - Mjulev. Find mjulev on Instagram
    Download Mjulev's Clap patch

    by Andrew Benson on
    May 17, 2023 4:29 PM

    • Iain Duncan
      May 18 2023 | 1:20 am
      I love this project, FWIW! Great idea. :-)
    • Andrew Benson's icon
      Andrew Benson's icon
      Andrew Benson
      May 18 2023 | 5:52 pm
      I have been blown away by the various approaches we've gotten back from each of these. Who knew that drum synthesis was such a rich field of exploration?
    • patrick robert's icon
      patrick robert's icon
      patrick robert
      May 18 2023 | 7:04 pm
      That's awesome!
    • Luca Giacobbe's icon
      Luca Giacobbe's icon
      Luca Giacobbe
      May 19 2023 | 6:55 am
      Looking forward to try It!
    • mheton's icon
      mheton's icon
      May 19 2023 | 12:50 pm
      Looks great, ... I can't somehow open the squenzer patch: no.pinball_plusLabels.maxzip
      Has someone got the same problem?
    • vojko v's icon
      vojko v's icon
      vojko v
      May 22 2023 | 4:41 pm
      same problem, cant open sequencer