Content You Need: Zero

    Hey, chill.... We don't mean that there's nothing you need. :-) The Max world is full of users who use the udpsend and udpreceive pair of Max objects to transfer Max messages to other machines or devices on a network for sharing, syncing or working on projects larger than a single machine. The new Max Zero package (available through the Package Manager) now makes things even easier by providing a trio of new Max externals that support Zero Configuration Networking (also known as Bonjour or ZeroConf). 
    Publishing your own network services made easy (Browsing for network services, too!)
    The zero.announce, zero.browse, and zero.resolve objects let you automatically find network services, resolve their addresses, and publish your own network services quickly and easily, so you can get down to the business of broadcasting your Max messages to the world.
    Getting that network port and host data? No problem!