Expo '74 2011 Event Schedule

    At Expo '74, you will have a variety of events -- presentations, workshops, panels, social -- available to you. We hope you can attend all to get the most out of our short time together.
    Below you will find the list with the times. Please keep in mind, these details are subject to change. Also, you will see that workshops go on simultaneously. You can choose one (or a set when there's more than one) to attend each day. (The conference is sold out.)
    See the color program. You will receive a copy at check-in.

    Friday, October 14th

    Saturday, October 15th

    • 9-10am Cycling '74 Gen (new code generation add-on to Max) presentation with Gregory Taylor, Darwin Grosse, and Joshua Kit Clayton
    • 10-11:15am Education Panel with Luke DuBois
    • 11:15-11:30am Break
    • 11:30am-12:15pm Brian Crabtree and Kelli Cain (monome), presentation
    • 12:15-1pm Eric Singer, presentation
    • 1-2pm Lunch
    • 2-2:45pm Kurt Ralske, presentation
    • 2:45-3:15pm Break, prepare for workshops and science fair setup
    • 3:15-5:45pm One set of workshops and two individual workshops:
    • 5:30-7:30pm Reception with food and drinks (open to all expo attendees)
    • 5:45-6:15pm Science Fair setup (and a break for those not exhibiting)
    • 6:15-8pm Science Fair (open to all expo attendees)


    by Lilli Wessling Hart on
    Aug 26, 2011 5:24 PM