Loud Objects

    Loud Objects do live improvisational electronics, soldering complex noise circuits from scratch. The performance is as visual as it is sonic - they do all the soldering on the surface of an overhead projector, and you can see the smoke and spatter as their hands manipulate the silhouettes of microchips and wire. It's more like jazz than engineering - watching them perform you get the sense that they're more wrangling chaotic forces than fulfilling a schematic. As a topography of wires and chips emerges, the sound becomes richer, more complex, more convoluted. At one point, they step away from the circuit, which is now generating an evolving pattern. The pattern cycles faster and faster, and at its peak, they cut the power.
    A Loud Objects performance is an audio/visual event, a generative system, and a physical instrument all in one. And it is, in fact, quite loud.
    See and hear Loud Objects at SFEMF.

    Loud Objects // Blip Festival 2007: The Videos

    The Loud Objects @ Bent 2007 NY