Max for Live Update

    In 18 months, Max for Live has already become an essential tool for artists working with live media. The combined force of Ableton Live and Max/MSP in the hands of dynamic and creative people has created a synergy that has been amazing for us to watch.
    Today, with the release of Ableton Live 8.2.2 and Max/MSP 5.1.8, Max for Live receives its most significant update since the initial release. We've listened to feedback from users and put our heads together with Ableton to come up with some exciting new features, devices, and lessons. Visit the Max download page to get the 5.1.8 update and the Live download page to get 8.2.2. Don't miss the featured devices and special offers on the Ableton Max for Live page.

    New Max for Live Lessons

    Max for Live now ships with six new Live Lessons (17 total) that will help you get started using the various features available in Max for Live. Explore cool Live API tricks, making your own LFOs, multichannel routing tools, and more in these clearly documented and interactive Lessons, complete with Max Devices and example sessions.

    Featured Devices

    Ableton has selected exceptional user-created devices that highlight the range of possibilities available with Max for Live. To download these devices and learn more about the artists behind them, visit

    Pluggo Devices

    Included in Max for Live is a selection of the most popular plugins from our much-adored, but now defunct Pluggo package. For this update, we've combed through every single Pluggo device to make the patches more readable, better looking, and more consistent in patching style. Now you can dig in and repurpose that Space Echo, and make it work the way you want it to. If you are learning to build your own instruments and audio effects, the Pluggo devices are a rich source of inspiration and clues.

    Live API Tools

    The Live API allows you to control various aspects of your Live Set from within a Max Device. For this update, Manuel Poletti created a collection of attractive new devices and Max abstractions to make using the most popular features of the Live API much easier. Now you can add an LFO, automate clips, and navigate through your Live Set with ease, all from within a Max Device. Combined with updates to the Live Object Model (including access to Racks and Persistent IDs) these new tools open the door to some serious Max for Live magic! To learn about some of the new Live API features in this update, be sure to check out our new Max for Live video tutorials.

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    by Cycling '74 on
    Mar 29, 2011 6:54 PM