Mira caught behind the scenes of J-Pop

    By way of the very talented Daito Manabe it’s come to our attention that Mira has been spotted in the wild. It has made its way across the Pacific and into a nonspeaking role in a teaser video released to promote a single by the Japanese pop supergroup Perfume.

    Perfume NEW ALBUM 「LEVEL3」 (Teaser)

    Cycling ’74 did not pay for this product placement, but we are thrilled to be associated in some small way with this production. As you can see over Daito's shoulder, Mira was used to control lighting on the set during rehearsal and filming.
    The final music video, available here does not feature Mira, but it does have some touchscreen-inspired decor that I suppose reflects back on whatever Mira’s imagined role in the production might have been. Oh, and there’s also an extremely catchy song, if we are to judge from the 1.6 million views as of this writing.

    • Mar 25 2014 | 2:37 am
      I went to the live show they did for this album at Tokyo Dome. Outside the stadium where the audience was entering, they had a tent where they were 3D scanning people, we didn't know what it was for until during the show all the 3D objects of the scanned people appeared in an animation on the screens together with a few being picked out and floating around in bubbles etc. sadly I couldn't spot the scan of me or my wife! hah
      Daito had posted this video earlier last year which I imagine was part of his development of this system. I don't know if he used Max or what though...