New Max/MSP ebook in Spanish and English

    Francisco Colasanto, who works as assistant director at Centro Mexicano para la Música y las Artes Sonoras (CMMAS) in Morelia, Mexico, has released the first two modules of a new ebook about Max/MSP on the center's web site The first module is free (after registering with the site) and covers the Max interface. The second module covers additive synthesis and is available for $5.00. The book will soon be available for iPad and Android.
    This publication is unique in that the text is illustrated with short videos that demonstrate the concepts being described. When talking about something visual and dynamic such as a Max patcher, this makes perfect sense. I could use words to describe right-to-left ordering until I'm blue in the face but once you see it in action, you'll understand it immediately.
    Max/MSP: A programming guide for artists is off to a great start and I highly recommend you check it out and continue to watch as Francisco adds new modules.