Om NAMMa Shiva (Part N where N=2)

    We’re behind the Apple booth. This is a good thing in that we are beside and right in the demo audio line of fire of the Sony booth; two such circumstances would probably make anyone mad as a hatter.
    The booth is an imposing black cube, more or less. I use the term “more or less” because it might be sort of a squatty cube (though imposing at close range). Anyway, the back is apparently a coveted site for having one’s photo taken. I know this because I have taken numerous photos of strangers, since I was sitting in the UpMix Surround Demo Enclosure and Detention Area, which adjoins the Apple border.
    There are two interesting things about this imposing black structure. First, there was this guy during booth setup who was assigned to ascend ladder bearing a Sharpie Marker (no, not your Big Boy Tagger Marker (with aromatic esters!)), but the one you address Jiffy Bags with) and color in all the scuffy bits on the booth. It was a time consuming task, and he um… impressed us all with his diligence.
    But the more interesting bit concerns the flash bounceback problem. As an example, consider this photo of a Cycling ’74 employee (cough cough) who apparently desired a photo opportunity with Vernon Reid.
    Notice that unsightly flash bounceback? What an eyesore! I soon discovered that not shooting portraits head-on was the secret to a good Apple Back Of Booth Picture Opportunity. But I also discovered that clever camera placement and aiming resulted in the following enjoyable photographic special effect:
    These hagiographic studies are, in fact, portraits of my colleagues Andrew Pask and Tim Place, whose aid and demeanor in the course of the show thus far must certainly be considered saintly by any reasonable observer.