On the Road: Currents 2017

    Ok.V005_becoming, Jorg Staeger.
    CelloCosmos, Michael Kott. Kott, left, and Colton White, right. Photo courtesy of Urszula Bolimowski.
    BabaBodyPaint, Babadoom Berlin. Image courtesy of Andrew Edwards.
    Balance From Within, Jacob Tonski.
    Solastalgia, Robert Campbell & Babette Pendleton. Photos courtesy of Robert Campbell.
    We, Colton White. Photo courtesy of Sarah Rosenthal.
    Rampant Ego at Quasar Lounge, left to right: Dwight Loop, Justin Parker, Arnold Bodmer. Photo courtesy of Rob Thomas.
    Cloud: Perfect (Reprise), Sarah Stoler. Photo courtesy of Andrew Edwards.
    Titchener’s Cage / Out Of Body Experience Machine #2, Nadav Assor.
    Photo courtesy Jacob Tonski.
    Interface for SetOuputWorld, Kayla Anderson.
    Little Chapel Of Our Holy Mother Board, Kendra Fleischman.

    by Cory Metcalf on
    Jun 20, 2017 7:35 PM