On The Road: MOXsonic 2019

    The whole curator is greater than the sum of the parts: Eric Honour, Elizabeth Stimpert, and Jeff Kaiser
    Terrifying amounts of professional stage wrangling gave us new stages full of surprises at each concert
    Lars Bröndum / Meagan Conley and Alberto Racanati / Ben Luca Robinson
    Karl F. Gerber / Alex Christie / Greg Byrne and Sean Ritz
    Louis Lopez and Stephanie Zalatel
    Christopher Biggs and Kari Johnson / Elizabeth Stimpert and Jeff Kaiser / Michael Wittgraf
    Kittie Cooper / Eric Honour / Sean Hamilton
    Shiau-uen nails the piece! Later, Tim Place and I examine the score (yikes!) and check out the Moog Pianobar used for the piece
    Lars Bröndum / seah Heikes
    Hugh Lobel / Shawn Trail
    The Choir Boys calculating their Beaufort scaling at the gig's opening
    The Higgs Whatever (Miller Puckette and Kerry Hagan) Cashing in
    Jean-François Charles + Wombat / Eric Mandat
    Ted Moore, Kyle Hutchins, and Sean Hamilton / Nathan Crepeault
    Ricky Graham

    by Gregory Taylor on
    Mar 19, 2019 4:22 PM