Package Arrival: The dada Collection of Max Tools for Composers

    Following on the heels of recent substantial updates to the bach and cage packages of tools for composers, Andrea Agostini and Daniele Ghisi have announced the arrival of a new addition to the bach family — dada. You can find the birth announcement in the Max package manager.
    The dada package takes up in one of the places you might imagine that bach and cage leave off: offering experimental and decidedly interesting and non-standard approaches to score generation and computer-aided composition. The newest member of the bach family provides an amazing collection of new interfaces for composition, resources for corpus-based analysis, interesting new geometries for exploration, and some “dada analysis” tools as well.
    Note: dada’s relationship to its cousins Bach and Cage is more than skin-deep — you’ll need to have the Bach and Cage packages installed to enjoy what Dada has to offer