Package Arrival: The jk.push 2 Abstractions for Max/MSP

    (jk.push 2 serving suggestion)
    (jk.push 2 serving suggestion)
    We’re pleased to announce a major update of Jeff Kaiser's jk.push package of Max abstractions made with for interacting with Ableton’s Push 2 controller within the Max environment.
    The new release of the Push 2 abstractions have been extensively rewritten to use Max arguments and attributes that make configuration for your own patching quicker and easier, and a set of easy-to-understand examples are now included in the Max Extras menu.
    Note: This update means that these jk.push abstractions are not compatible with versions 1.1 and earlier of these tools.
    The jk.push package includes the following abstractions:
    • A single instance of the jk.pushcore abstraction manages all connections between the ji.push abstractions and your Push 2 device.
    • You can access and interact with the 64 pads and buttons on your Push controller with live.toggle, live.button,, or radiogroup objects using the jk.push abstraction. It also outputs MIDI Note number, velocity, and aftertouch.
    • The jk.pushrotary abstraction allows you to interact with the Push 2 Rotary Encoders with live.dial, live.button, and live.text objects. It also outputs the MIDI Note number associated with the Rotary encoder, velocity (0 or 127).
    • The jk.pushribbon abstraction allows you to interact with the Push 2 ribbon slider with live.slider, live.text, and live.button objects
    • The jkpushpedal abstraction allows you to interact with the pedal inputs on the back of the Push 2 with live.button and live.text objects.
    This collection of abstractions is available and accessible using the Max Package Manager.

    by Gregory Taylor on
    Feb 18, 2020 5:20 PM

    • Anthony Palomba
      Feb 19 2020 | 6:05 pm
      This is awesome to see! This combined with imp.push (for sending video matrix to push screen) gives you complete customization and control of your push 2.
    • KENDALL MARTIN's icon
      KENDALL MARTIN's icon
      May 13 2020 | 11:30 am
      Is there a way to use imp.push for retrieving the video matrix of teh Push screen? I'd like to pull it out to a separate video window to create instructional videos...
    • tdc's icon
      tdc's icon
      May 22 2020 | 4:36 am
      Jeff, I can't thank you enough for this fantastic package. Had just sat down and begun sketching out how I would integrate my Push into a project I am delivering, and found your generous work. Has literally saved me days of patching.