Package Arrival: Vizzie 2.1

    My colleague Rob Ramirez and I are pleased to announce the release of Vizzie 2.1 – the first update to the Vizzie package of image processing modules for Max since the release of Max 8.
    Vizzie 2.1 is available in the Max Package manager. It includes updates to existing Vizzie modules, and some new features, as well.
    • Vizzie 2.1 now processes textures exclusively. If you'd like to work with older matrix-based Jitter objects, you can use the new MATRIX2TEXTURE and TEXTURE2MATRIX modules as you patch.
    • The Vizzie package now has its own launch page, which provides you with a tour or Vizzie modules as well as an introduction to Vizzie's basic features.
    • Vizzie 2.1 includes over two dozen new modules, including several based on our friend Anton Marini’s v001 shaders. We’re grateful for his permission to include them.
    • Vizzie 2.1 includes a number of new texture-based pattern generators for hours of geometric fun, folding, spindling, and multilation.
    • Vizzie's BFGENER8R module brings the spectacular functionality of the object to the Vizzie modular world. Let its variety of animated images inspire you.
    • Are you tired of trying to do the math necessary to choose a menu item or a Vizzie parameter by scaling data in the 0. - 1.0 range? Vizzie modules now support a new exact message that lets you choose parameter settings or menu items by using standard Max messages (our thanks to our friend John Gibson for this great idea for a new feature).
    • We’ve made some improvements to the snapshot functionality, too (Note: these improvements may cause breakage with snapshotted patches created with earlier versions of Vizzie).
    Not everything's changed, though. Vizzie still supports automatic interoperability of image and data input and output, and Vizzie is still interoperable with OpenGL - there's just more to enjoy and to explore.
    So grab a copy of Vizzie 2.1 from the Package Manager in Max 8 and try it out yourself!