Starting Points in Max pt. 2

    How do you get started when you begin a project in Max? We asked 3 artists working with Max to share each of their personal starting points. The results are each a unique view into Max…

    Roxanne Harris

    @alsoknownasrox RH: This patch offers a starting point for world-building through camera movement and path animation. Here, we layer different camera scenes within one The rigged camera has three "look at" modes: (1) facing the direction of movement, (2) looking at the target (blue cube), and (3) looking at the center of the scene (purple sphere). Additionally, this patch utilizes quaternions to calculate rotational movement around the path, producing the yellow spiral. Feel free to play around with variables!
    Starting Point - Roxanne Harris.maxpat
    maxpat 186.23 KB
    Roxanne's Starting Point patcher

    Matthew Gantt

    @gan.tttt MG: This patch demonstrates some of the approaches I’ve been exploring using Max in tandem with game engine simulations, inspired in large part by cybernetic systems and their application to organizing sound and sonic events. Here, we see Max communicating with a simulation made with Unreal Engine via OSC to create a feedback control loop: objects in 3D space send information about their movement, location, and collisions to Max to generate MIDI information, and Max sends control data back to the simulation based on this information to prompt changes in the 3D environment. Rather than viewing this arrangement as a kind of data sonification, I’m more excited about this dynamic system as a way of generating complex and evolving sound gestures from relatively simple conditions. Hopefully this can provide a generative starting place for your own sounds and systems, as well!
    Matthew Gantt / photo credit: Adam Ninyo
    Matthew Gantt / photo credit: Adam Ninyo
    Matthew Gantt's Starting Point patcher.
    Download Matthew's Unreal Engine builds: Mac Build Windows Build Project Files: Matthew has been kind enough to share the Unreal Engine project file for this Starting Point, in addition to the pre-compiled binaries. The project file is large! Almost 2GB. It should open in UE 5.11, which you can download via the Epic Games Launcher. The binaries were compiled on late versions of both Mac OS and Windows. Neither Matthew nor Cycling ‘74 can provide tech support in the event your system does not play nice with any of these files.


    K: My work focuses on researching traditional Japanese music,and through this research, I have identified three essential elements that I hypothesize are very important: pitch, time, and timbre👺 The patches I created allow for a highly organic approach to these elements🌿 Specifically, the "time" patch enables users to freely divide a range of time and generate rhythms⏱️ while the "note" patch creates heterophony based on a single fundamental melody🎼 The "synth" patch features two 2-operator FM synthesizers with the ability to organically change timbre at specific moments🎹 By using the "all" patch, all of these functions can be integrated, supporting the creation of rich, organic music🌯 I view Max8 as a versatile notebook that allows users to quickly test and explore fragmented ideas🗒️ Although it might take some time to master, Max8 offers powerful support when pursuing a specific approach or concept📈 While the patches I've created may seem complex, I would be delighted if they inspire even one more person to explore the possibilities of Max🤝 私は日本の伝統音楽の研究をしており、その研究によって非常に重要だと仮説を立てた3つの要素:音程、時間、音色に対して、非常に有機的なアプローチを可能にするパッチを制作しました🌿 具体的には、ある時間の範囲を自由に区切り、リズムを生成できる「time」⏱️ 一つの基本メロディから、ヘテロフォニーを生成する「note」🎼 そして、2つの2オペレーターFMシンセサイザーに、特定の時間で音色が有機的に変化する機能を搭載した「synth」です🎹 これらをまとめた「All」パッチによって、全ての機能を連携させ、非常に有機的な音楽を作るためのアイデアをサポートします🌯 Max8は、断片的なアイデアを非常に高速に試すことができるノートブックのようなものだと考えています🗒️ 習得には時間がかかるかもしれませんが、追求したいアプローチがある時に、非常に強力なサポートをしています📈 このパッチは少し複雑かもしれませんが、Maxを使ってみたいと考える人が一人でも増えたらとても嬉しいです🤝
    Kengoshimiz's Starting Point patcher.

    by Andrew Benson on
    May 3, 2023 2:46 PM