Summer Max Workshop for High-School Students

    For the first time, we are offering a three-day Max workshop only for high school students ages 15-18. It will take place at the Cycling '74 office in San Francisco, July 27-29 (10:30am-3:30pm).

    The application period has ended. No more applications will be accepted at this time.
    What is Max?

    Max is a visual programming language for interactive audio and video applications used by innovative musicians, artists, and developers. It is a major component of media arts programs at leading universities worldwide. With Max, you can explore basic concepts in digital audio, video, physical computing, and create your own interactive media software, bringing art and technology together. Get more detailed information about Max here.

    What Will the Students Learn?

    Max (MIDI), MSP (digital audio), and Jitter (video processing) are all part of "Max". The students will learn the basics of each, see how Max is used in many different settings, and get hands-on experience with hardware often used in conjunction with Max. Here is an outline of what to expect:
    • Morning Intro
    • Guided Patching Exercise
    • Individual Exploration
    • Verbal Group Review (Why doesn't this work? What is this patch for?)
    • Lunch
    • Watch short videos of C74 artists and discuss their systems.
    • Daily Special Activity
    • Q&A Wrap-up

    How Can a Student Apply?

    The application should be submitted by June 5th for consideration. If you or your parent/guardian has any questions, please email us or call Erin (415-974-1818 ext. 2#) before submitting the application.

    Examples of Work in Max

    Click on the images below to learn more. (All image and video copyrights belong to the artists and organizations noted below.)



    Please Love Me Premier



    Game Control

    Art Installation


    Interactive Performance

    Live Video

    Cost and Benefits

    • This is a free program. Up to 8 students are selected based on the application process.
    • Snacks and lunch are provided.
    • Each student is responsible for his/her transportation to the Cycling '74 office, located 3 blocks south of the Civic Center BART station. Parking is not available.
    • After completion of the workshop, each student will receive a free copy of Max/MSP/Jitter. The software will be registered in the student's name and cannot be resold.


    We will offer two 30-minute orientations for students and his or her parent/guardian. Dates to be announced. At the orientation, the Cycling '74 representatives and teachers will meet and discuss the workshop at the Cycling '74 office.