Apply to Become a Certified Trainer

    Do you love Max? Is it a big part of your creative life? Do you love sharing your knowledge of Max? Are you helping build a Max community where you live?

    Cycling ’74 is looking for talented Max professionals who pay attention to detail and want to help grow the Max community as educators. We are building a small diverse team of skilled Max generalists with knowledge of different aspects of the environment to demonstrate and instruct others in Max. If you feel like you have what it takes, please apply below.

    Good luck!

    Since we will be entrusting you to be ambassadors for Max and the company, it’s important that we know you have great communication skills, are personable, and are detail-oriented. The first test of that ability is that you fill out the submission form in full.

    If any of these criteria are not met your application may be rejected. Remember: detail is key.

    All applicants will be considered without discrimination due to race, color, religion, sex, sexual orientation, gender identity, national origin, veteran, or disability status.

    We acknowledge that there is a significant under-representation of womxn, BIPOC folx, GNC and LGBTQ+ in the music technology industry. We actively encourage applications from all backgrounds in order to address this imbalance.
    Please indicate city and country
    Why do you want to be a Max Certified Trainer?

    We want to know your reasoning for applying; ’deserving it’, or using Max for a long time is not enough.
    Though all fields in the application are important, we want to stress the requirement for a written resume/CV of your professional experience, especially as an educator.
    How would you rate yourself?
    How would you rate yourself?
    How would you rate yourself?
    How would you rate yourself?
    How would you rate your ability to interface other software/hardware with Max?
    How would you rate yourself?
    How would you rate yourself?
    How many years have you taught Max?
    Please share a video link of you teaching or presenting Max.

    Do not submit product demos or performances, only educational material. The video does not have to have to be in a classroom setting but does need to be a concise video that is edited to 5-minutes maximum.