Julien Bayle

    Marseille, France

    Julien Bayle is an artist, musician, and teacher working at the juncture of sound, art & science. His work goes from sound recordings to installations and live performances to generative art. He performs and exhibits his work in world-acclaimed festivals & institutions worldwide. Besides universities & art schools’ commissioned lectures and workshops, he is a consultant for his self-funded Structure Void studio. He’s also an Ableton Certified Trainer since the first French wave in 2010.​

    Born in 1976, Julien Bayle is a French artist & musician. He works in the transitional area between sound art, music, programming & science. His work unfolds through music releases, live performances & installations, especially. Through a phenomenological approach, his work is based both on experimenting and programming, always guided by concepts of time elasticity and as such located in the time-based media art field. 

    His interests in microsound have pushed him to expand his work by opening up a new way of including field recording-based sounds into his practice. By a positive-nihilist approach of processes and structures deconstruction, he explores the infinitesimal and the imperceptible over time, through different scientific techniques & methods such as anechoic chamber very low-noise parasites recordings or radioactivity detections, for quoting some. 

    He performed and exhibited his work in museums, festivals and art galleries world-wide such as MIRA Festival, ELEKTRA, Scopitone, Todays Art, ACT in South Korea, Day for Night, the Museum of Modern Art in Buenos Aires, the David Roberts Art Foundation, FRAC Paca, in particular. 

    He teaches generative art as guest professor in various art schools. He frequently leads specific workshops about creative strategies & techniques for Art & Design schools or Universities on topics like “noise as an input,” “parasites injections,” or “design your own data-based generative system.” He operates Structure Void, his self-funded studio, through which he teaches and provides workshops about Max related to generative art, data visualization & sonification, and spatialization, especially. 

    He also teaches Ableton Live as an Ableton Certified Trainer, Max for Live & especially Max for music composition, generative processes, and strategies for designing audio-reactive visuals systems. He also provides Arduino/Raspberry Pi, control/feedback interactions for art installations, machine learning for art systems & DSP design workshops. His students are from various fields, such as art, scientific research, and industry. 

    His skills in various generative design & computer programming fields make him comfortable with Max & RNBO, Gen~, C/C++, JS, Node JS, Touchdesigner but also everything related to Arduino/Raspberry, and protocols like MIDI, OSC, DMX, especially.

    Lastly, he does development, consultancy & project design for various kinds of customer requistion sound plugins design, audio-visual generative systems for performances or art installations, in particular.

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