This week, Cycling '74 introduces you to an artist and her Macro-Cymatic instrument, visits a place where Twitter is made visible, and shows you how to manage multiple objects in Jitter.

vArisPeed-Random Music Performace Max Patch

The vArisPeed patch is a tool for designing and performing realtime, random compositions from audio loop samples played at varying speeds typically between 0.01 and 0.99 of normal speed.

Managing Multiples Made Easy

One of the most powerful objects in the jitter library is

Artist Focus: Marielle Jakobsons

Anyone who's paid attention to your earlier electronic/violin work may or may not find your debut as an instrument designer to be a real surprise.

AMYGDALA: Searching for Sentiment in a Sea of Tweets

A few months ago I stumbled across some stills from an installation that caught my eye.


Tweets release air bubbles and electronic sounds that allow viewers to see and hear the environmental cost of online behavior and its supportive physical infrastructure.

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