Max for Live Devices in Max: AntiTheory

I happen to love tools that pull me into a different mental space.

This piece, a collaboration between Dr. Liza Seigido & Dr. Lawrence Moore, is built on the Moog Werkstat and a simple interactive video overlay constructed in Max!

DP.HouseHat v2.2 (M4L hi-hat synthesizer)

DP.HouseHat is a versatile, dynamic and easy-to-use hi-hat synth, fully developed with Max for Live.

This week, Cycling '74 continues its discussions with Beaudry Interactive, spends time with a new oscillator in BEAP, and discovers something new unexpectedly.

Regardless of whether you like programming on Mac or Windows, sometimes you will have your hands tied when you are putting a show machine together.

A Few Minutes with BEAP, Part 10

In Part 10 of the "A Few Minutes with BEAP" tutorial series, we take a step away from creating monosynth emulations and drum models, and instead create an ever-changing flutter. This change in focus gives us a chance to look at a new module (the Granular Oscillator) and an interesting technique (dual LFO pairings).

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