An Interview with Lisa Park

Throughout her career, artist Lisa Park has investigated the relationship between emotional states and the subconscious. Towards this goal she has explored and experimented with technology such as Max as a vehicle for manifesting and visualizing these invisible states and forces. Employing biofeedback sensors, her recent work examines the nexus between …

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Dans 123 Selective Vision

Do You See Yourself In Code?

Commissioned for the BBC’s make it digital event, the brief was ‘to get children into code’. My installation downloaded the event’s twitter feed in real time and displayed the page’s body text inside the bodies of passing people. Moving their hands around allowed people to scroll through the html/js/CSS.

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The Conductor’s Philosophy

“The Conductor’s Philosophy” – is an audio-visual work composed by Damian T. Dziwis with visuals by Felix Wiethölter. The title is based on the definition “conductor-philosophy” – which describes that the perfect relationship between a composer and an electronic instrument is like the relationship from a conductor to his orchestra. …

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Inidomhi is a software that creates audio glitches, electronic textures, broken rhythms, and sudden contrasts. Inidomhi is an application/effect that has no adjustable parameters. Inidomhi modifies an audio file and transfers its distinctive shape. It is like a black box of unknown rules and strange algorithms: you don’t know what Inidomhi does, but …

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Say the word "Altair" within a programmers' community and their eyes will shine. The Altair is the computer that sparkled the PC revolution in the mid-Seventies. Built around the epic Intel 8080 chip, it was sold as a kit by MITS, a company that produced small calculators and hobbyists' telemetry systems in …

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Color/video based melody morphing

This is an extension of Project 894, in which a 2D landscape was used to control morphing between MIDI clips in Ableton Live. Here color and video are instead used to provide the UI for morphing. A time-based dimension is added by use of video, because changing RGB values control morphing …

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Infinitely sustained glass breaking with Max

The ∞ Infinite Sample Sampler

MEKANIK – SFX re:sampled

Hi all, the idea of making mekanik is to have a software that really does a favour in creating sound effects, back here in Indonesia, people often to use a download-able files on youtube or anywhere else to place the sound effects for their project either its a movie or …

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