This week, Cycling '74 starts a series on working with FFTs, and recommends a great book on visual and installation art.

Advanced Max: FFTs, Part 1

Here’s the first in a series on using the FFT in Max.

Book Review: Art and Electronic Media

Last month, I suggested some “basic bookshelf” titles intended to help newcomers to the practice of doing experimental music to get “the lay of the land” - to connect themselves to the community of artists they’re joining, and to find sources of inspiration and for investigation.


A new way to control midi-controllers in Max.

“Voyage Apollonian”: Innova Recordings

"Voyage Apollonian" is an album of my recent works for violin and interactive computer.

This week, Cycling '74 visits with a biomedia artist about biomes and his (patching) life, and shows you some amazing tricks using the jstrigger object.

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