A Few Minutes with Nathan Wolek

Nathan Wolek is an audio artist and researcher as well as Associate Professor of Digital Arts and Chair of the Creative Arts Department at Stetson University in DeLand, FL.

My Secret? It’s Under My (dp.house) Hat!

One group of Live devices that I’m most interested in is drum synthesizers.

Back, and Feed

"Back, and Feed" is a project created entirely using Max.

Matrix Creats Stars—Interactive AudioVisual Work

In the Gravity Daze with an unusual attractiveness constructed by a dark space and white particles, the galaxy and the sounds could be manipulated in a poetic way to present in the scheme of the universe.

This week, Cycling '74 takes a sweeping look at filter design in MSP, delves into the Karplus-Strong resources, and checks out some augmented Indonesian musical awesomeness.

Demystifying Filters Video Tutorial

In this 28-minute video, Tim builds some filters from scratch in MSP and Gen, and examines their characteristics.

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