This week, Cycling '74 starts a patch-a-day series, points to a cache of patch downloads, and catches a softsynth bug.

The Infectious Charm of the Bazille

Sometimes, a little change of pace can be a welcome thing and provide an opportunity to "think different." In that spirit, we asked our synthesist pal Mark Mosher (whose Sonic Encounters podcast you may find of interest if you're not already acquainted) to aim us at an interesting softsynth plug-in that he finds compelling.

One of the annual high points in my Cycling ’74 trade show life back in the day was the visit from our Japanese colleagues and distributors at MI7.

Awkward Game

Two contact microphones are connected to each side of the table sending and input signal to Max.

When using hardware at some point you end on a wall you can't go through...


Embryogenesis is an audio-visual artwork making use of video as an input to a genetic algorithm controlling the audio.

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