SOLID STATE is an audio-visual installation, which deals with the rave experience and transcendence. The room is transformed through the use of light, fog and surround sound into a multi-sensory hallucinative and ecstatic state.


g.Seq.r is a 16 step sequencer which allows you to experiment with rhythmic variation by leveraging the power of a genetic algorithm to ‘evolve’ new and unexpected patterns from a target.

This week, Cycling '74 finds a microverse of possibilities in a humble hi-hat synth, sits down with Mr.

A Few Minutes with Nathan Wolek

Nathan Wolek is an audio artist and researcher as well as Associate Professor of Digital Arts and Chair of the Creative Arts Department at Stetson University in DeLand, FL.

My Secret? It’s Under My ( Hat!

One group of Live devices that I’m most interested in is drum synthesizers.

Back, and Feed

"Back, and Feed" is a project created entirely using Max.

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