Songwriting, Patching, and Sampling Myself

I work with a lot of hardware in combination with Live 9 and Max 7. I like to sample my own playing and mangle the recordings into something new.

Pattyco’s home studio

My audio-video home studio. I work with old/new synths and creating patchs with Jitter/MAX/MSP for controlling live visuals generated by sound & DMX

Interacting with scenic & new circus elements

Max on stage enhancing the scenic possibilities of scenic elements. From puppetry to musical bouncing balls.

Max for Systems, Modeling & Simulation

The photos are taken from our Creative Automata (CA) Laboratory, that has a blog associated with it here: We use Max/Msp/Gen/Jitter in a way that could be quite different than some others -- the goal of the CA Lab is to promote an abstract understanding of systems theoretic constructs taught in systems modeling and simulation. Such constructs include knowledge of deterministic and non-deterministic state machines, event scheduling, Petri nets, queueing networks, compartmental models, kinetic graphs, as well as systems of difference and differential equations. Can these abstractions be made more concrete with media? We think so, which is where Max comes in. Max is visual, and it "time-based" throughout from the event scheduling of Max to the synchronous time handling in MSP and Gen. Working closely with time is central to understanding systems. Gen, in particular, is a wonderful component that we use where others in the simulation field typically use packages such as Simulink, Modelica, or SystemsModeler from Wolfram. So, Max turns out to be a great way of teaching the abstractions through a strong human-centered environment---reaching out to students with fairly abstract, technical subject material by way of their hands, ears, and eyes.


My little corner to Max in.

Alec Brady Workspace

I make sound out of Toronto in Canada. What you're looking at is my little ecosystem of weird machines. The equipment is a mix of old and new. The Macbook provides a mobile Max workstation and the PC functions as the brain which connects all of the technology to my patches. I'm always hunting for unique sounds, all the knobs help me find them and Max + Ableton works as the mold to let them coexist. I am new to Max and I have been following the great selection of tutorials all over the web. I hope to one day integrate the video aspects of the application into my live performances. /A

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