Yofiel Chord Generator

This patch generates chords from an on-screen keyboard or MIDI, with dynamic voice allocation and transposition, key, scale, and velocity remapping.


Sig.Int is a live A/V performance exploring the different contexts of sound synthesizing and visualization, directly integrating the spherical environment and multiple speakers right at the center of the composition and performance.

MetroKit 2

MetroKit 2 is a metronome with a variety of features to satisfy musicians on any level, from beginners to experts.

Yofiel Scale Remapper

There's a number of scale remappers for Max.


This is an interactive project made by Jordan Frantz, Daniel Mendez and Kevin Castro.

Signal Culture | SSSScan App

SSSScan is a buffered slitscan app that allows you to work with a slowscan effects using a variety of gradients that determine the shape and movement of the buffered slitscan. Is usable alongside other SC Apps and other software packages using Syphon! App was created using MAX.

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