SUCKERPUNCH – drum synthesizer

SUCKERPUNCH is a drum synthesizer created in MAX 7.


SOLID STATE is an audio-visual installation, which deals with the rave experience and transcendence. The room is transformed through the use of light, fog and surround sound into a multi-sensory hallucinative and ecstatic state.


g.Seq.r is a 16 step sequencer which allows you to experiment with rhythmic variation by leveraging the power of a genetic algorithm to ‘evolve’ new and unexpected patterns from a target.

Back, and Feed

"Back, and Feed" is a project created entirely using Max.

Matrix Creats Stars—Interactive AudioVisual Work

In the Gravity Daze with an unusual attractiveness constructed by a dark space and white particles, the galaxy and the sounds could be manipulated in a poetic way to present in the scheme of the universe.

4×4 Launchpad Screen

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