Collection of Guitar Improvisations using Triple-Perc Max for Live Device released by DEEPWHITESOUND in Portland, Oregon. Digital Download comes with two tracks and standalone software for processing sound.

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Love Has No Labels

Whiter Room – The Oculus Video

Tobias Rosenberger (Video) Patrick Zosso (Music) (3d-model of Lazy Sheep: Samantha Rogers) part of: Whiter Room Begehbare Installation realized during a 6-week residency at Fleetstreet Theater Hamburg, supported by Fleetstreet e. V., Hamburgische Kulturbehörde, Hamburgischen Kulturstiftung, Rudolf Augstein Foundation 24. bis 26. Februar 2015 täglich 14 bis 22 Uhr geöffnet - freier Eintritt Fleetstreet e.V., Admiralitätsstr. 71, Hamburg Fang Yun Lo …

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No Brain No Fear

Black Flow project

Morphing landscapes and electroacoustic environments An audio/visual performance with floor projection (10x10m) @ Kühlhaus Berlin 27-02-2015 Andreas Karaoulanis: animation-programming (http://bestbefore.gr/) Floros Floridis: reeds, live-electronics (http://www.florosfloridis.com/) Patrick K.-H.: animation (http://drawnsound.org/)

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  Input still image or HD video (via jit.gl.hap).

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Dans 123 Selective Vision

Do You See Yourself In Code?

Commissioned for the BBC’s make it digital event, the brief was ‘to get children into code’. My installation downloaded the event’s twitter feed in real time and displayed the page’s body text inside the bodies of passing people. Moving their hands around allowed people to scroll through the html/js/CSS.

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The Conductor’s Philosophy

“The Conductor’s Philosophy” – is an audio-visual work composed by Damian T. Dziwis with visuals by Felix Wiethölter. The title is based on the definition “conductor-philosophy” – which describes that the perfect relationship between a composer and an electronic instrument is like the relationship from a conductor to his orchestra. …

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