Chiptune Trashmaker V2

Chiptune Trashmaker V2 is chiptune sequencer and noise machine – Freeware Max7 OSX – Standalone app

Sidewinder for Live-Electronics and Fixed Media

"Sidewinder" is a performance for joystick including fixed media. It was presented April, 22nd 2016 at the Media Lab Berlin and developed at the studio for experimental music Mitte-Nord.


This project is called Smomid, which stands for string modeling midi device.

This project features an interactive dance floor built by Dr Liza Seigido--Miami-based composer, performer, and multimedia artist. The work was commissioned by BC Dance Company for its latest dance-work "TV NO," which premiered in the Rift Blackbox Theater on April 16, 2016.


Monophonic additive synthesis using 8 sine waves and controlled by the multi-slider.

ITVL: The Semi Generative Step Sequencer

After exploring algorithmic and generative composing for a while, I want to make an app that is intuitive and easy to use, fits for all kinds of music, increases the chance you come up with something you want and easy to change a single note, the result is ITVL (Interval).

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