A new way to control midi-controllers in Max.

“Voyage Apollonian”: Innova Recordings

"Voyage Apollonian" is an album of my recent works for violin and interactive computer.

Audio/Visual/Lighting LIVE PERFORMANCE

This performance set are all developed by Max7 and operating MSP/JITTER/DMX in realtime for live performance.

Macchina Performativa 7

The Macchina Performativa 7 is a logic system created as prototype for the realization of the chamber-opera “Patrick”.


Homeostasis is an interactive installation for 2 people that share his heart’s beat and some hand manipulation to find the perfect harmony. This project aims to compare the theoretical aspects of my Ph.D.

Der Cryptochron

As we believe that time and space are inextricably connected, we commonly perceive the progression of time as motion - either by the motion of our surroundings or by our own movement in space.

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