vArisPeed-Random Music Performace Max Patch

The vArisPeed patch is a tool for designing and performing realtime, random compositions from audio loop samples played at varying speeds typically between 0.01 and 0.99 of normal speed.


Tweets release air bubbles and electronic sounds that allow viewers to see and hear the environmental cost of online behavior and its supportive physical infrastructure.

SASER SAS24P3L Standalone

SASER SAS24P3L is a software defined radio (SDR) telescope without an antenna need.

Redundancy Suite

Redundancy is a full length LP composed entirely with Max.

Sonic Views

Sonic Views are images generated by ambient sounds. To each value of the waveform's amplitude is associated a color ranging from black to white. Each color is then applied to a squared cell in a matrix, creating a picture where the ambient recording can be explored at its most granular level, but where sound is left to the spectator to imagine.

SUCKERPUNCH – drum synthesizer

SUCKERPUNCH is a drum synthesizer created in MAX 7.

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