Synesthetic Audio-Visual Platform

Abstract Music is one of the greatest sensory pleasures available to the human ear.

Awkward Game

Two contact microphones are connected to each side of the table sending and input signal to Max.

When using hardware at some point you end on a wall you can't go through...


Embryogenesis is an audio-visual artwork making use of video as an input to a genetic algorithm controlling the audio.

Chiptune Trashmaker V2

Chiptune Trashmaker V2 is chiptune sequencer and noise machine – Freeware Max7 OSX – Standalone app

Sidewinder for Live-Electronics and Fixed Media

"Sidewinder" is a performance for joystick including fixed media. It was presented April, 22nd 2016 at the Media Lab Berlin and developed at the studio for experimental music Mitte-Nord.

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