Laser Measurement System External Max5 Object

Author: Artm Baguinski

Light detection and ranging (LIDAR) instruments provide a fast and accurate way to track objects in 2 dimensions.

PGT: Pender/Garton/Taylor

Live performance ensemble using max/msp.

Software Klee Step Sequencer (v2)

The Software Klee Step Sequencer is a MIDI-enabled recreation of the hardware Klee step sequencer - developed with the input of the sequencer's creators! It reproduces almost all of the features of the hardware version, and adds many new features as well.


freeware six channel audio manipulation program for hardware synths, drum machines, audio.

Controller for Ableton Live with Max for Live as interface

I needed my own controller for Ableton Live. I built it in a diy mind and I'm using max for live as an interface between Ableton Live and the hardware.

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