Announce: Groovy programming/scripting language for MaxMSP (beta)

    Feb 12 2008 | 6:19 pm
    OK, so the embedded web server was a warm-up...
    I've been working on embedding the Groovy scripting language into
    MaxMSP, via MXJ. It loads source files from Max's search path, so it
    behaves rather like the JS support.
    Groovy is an agile, dynamic language for the Java Virtual Machine
    (JVM) which builds upon Java by providing features such as closures
    and support for domain-specific programming (such as XML processing
    and database access). It integrates seamlessly with Java and is very
    similar in syntax.
    For more information on Groovy, see
    The package download, including JARs, javadoc, example patchers/
    scripts and sources is at:
    I've tagged this release as 0.9b1 - if it all works out I'll bump the
    version to 1.0 and punt it to the general Max list.
    -- N.
    Nick Rothwell / Limited