baz workshops tour

    Oct 15 2013 | 5:51 pm
    Greetings Maxers, Apologies for cross-postings. Barry Moon, musician/video artist and author of the YouTube Baz Tutorials and Doug Nottingham, musician, will be touring the US in Spring 2014. We will be presenting our electronic music/video duo Pincushioned, concerts of percussion and live electronics, masterclasses in percussion and workshops in Max/MSP. We will tour the West Coast in February, South in March, and Northeast/Midwest in April. If you are interested in having us perform at your venue/school or present masterclasses/workshops, or would like to be on a mailing list giving details of events, please email (replace AAT with @). We have all our own gear (PA, projector, etc.) so can play any venue where you can supply electricity. We perform for free. A nominal fee may be applied for participants in Baz's Max/MSP workshops, but maybe it would be nicer to take donations for gas money :-) Here are some sketchy details about the tour so far (baz = Max/MSP workshops, dug = percussion masterclasses, pin = pincushioned performances, perc = percussion with electronics): 01/03 First Friday, Phoenix, AZ TBA-                  pin 01/24 Kick-off concert, Phoenix, AZ TBA pin perc 01/27 NAU, Flagstaff pin perc 01/28 NAU, Flagstaff baz dug 02/03-04 Los Angeles Community College pin 02/10-14 Chabot, San Francisco pin perc 02/17 Southern Oregon University TBA baz dug pin perc 02/22 Seattle - Wayward series pin perc 02/26-27 Las Cruces, NM pin 03/01 NMPAS dug perc 03/02-03 Marfa, TX baz pin 03/13-14 Winthrop, SC baz dug pin perc 03/17-18 Limestone, SC baz dug pin perc 03/21 UNC, Pembroke pin perc 03/26 UT, Martin baz pin perc     
    Cheers, Baz

    • Oct 15 2013 | 8:38 pm
      Nice one Baz - hope it goes well.