Call internal text editor


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    Dec 30 2015 | 2:07 pm
    Hey folks, I'm looking for a way to call the built in text editor to edit and save a file loaded in my mxj object. So far I couldn't find anything in the API but I know that it's possible in C externals. Any ideas? So far I'm using the java Desktop Class to open the standard text editor but I'm struggling finding a way to automatically reload the file by saving/closing the text editor. If anyone knows a solution for that I'd be very happy as well.
    I think I could build something using apaches FileMonitor but I'm not a big fan of these file monitoring solutions.
    best Dominik
    P.S. To avoid confusion: I'm not trying to open the java editor to edit the source code but a text file located somewhere.

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      Feb 06 2021 | 10:03 pm
      Looking for exactly the same thing. Any news on this? did you find a solution?