@capture java

    Jan 03 2010 | 4:51 am
    I'd like to modify an mxj rendering to sketch (jit.gl.sketch) and give it the attribute @cature to use in a gl.texture
    Can somebody tell me how to write this code in java I'm totally new to this !!!!!
    I have tried
    // create our sketch object sketch = new JitterObject("jit.gl.sketch","fluid_simulation"); sketch.setAttr("capture",tex);
    it doesn't work
    And have tried
    // create our sketch object sketch = new JitterObject("jit.gl.sketch","fluid_simulation", "@capture tex");
    Thank you for your help

    • Jan 03 2010 | 7:47 am
      Maybe something like this? sketch=new JitterObject("jit.gl.sketch",new Atom[]{Atom.newAtom("fluid_simulation")}); sketch.setAttr("capture","tex");
    • Jan 03 2010 | 5:46 pm
      I have tried the 2 lines you suggested. Maybe I did something wrong. It didn't seem to work.
      Then I tried the last line you suggested as following
      sketch = new JitterObject("jit.gl.sketch","fluid_simulation"); sketch.setAttr("capture","tex");
      It works :-)
      Thank you very much !