Current_song_time vs. Actual playhead position

    Jul 08 2021 | 6:30 am
    Hey folks, I'm having a question according to Live's arrangement playhead. I attached a little video for illustration:
    When my session is stopped and I jump to a point in time with my mouse and THEN adjust [set current_song_time] object and finally start playback via [call start_playing] Ableton won't play from my desired [set current_song_time] position. Instead it starts playing from my mouse-clicked arrangement position. (Have a look at this little green play-icon.. btw. what's the name of that icon? I don't find it in the LOM docs).
    As soon as playback is started I can "scrub" through the session via [set current_song_time] properly. My workaround so far is to FIRST start playback and THEN jump to the new song time position. I don't like this solution since it causes some micro delays because this way the there's always an unnecessary jump from last cued position.
    My question: Is it possible to control the position of that little play-icon marker? I'd like to FIRST set this marker and THEN start Lives playback. That would make much more sense.
    PS: Sometimes those "cold" jumps from a stopped session to a new incoming transport position even caused the Lives DSP to completely silence audioplayback. (midi automations) still worked. this bug only occured if the jump was backwards in time. Especially when the I jumped somwhere before that last green play-icon-marker.... not sue if that was a coincidence. It's quite difficult to reproduce but I guess it's a timing issue with live's internal playback engine. But we can live with that for this project because we only fire automations to touch designer.
    Thanks in advance, Christian

    • Jul 10 2021 | 7:01 am
      hmm. it seems to be a problem not a lot have had to deal with. Even Ableton support hasn't responded yet. Fingers crossed that it'll work out at some point.
      best c.
    • Jan 28 2022 | 12:35 pm
      I'm in the same boat here. Your workaround works fine, but it seems a bit weird that there's no other way to start playback from a specific location.
      Edit: I've created a suggestion for it on Centercode. Feel free to vote for it to bring this to the developers' attention.
    • Sep 22 2022 | 5:34 am
      Hi ! Same issue here I would like to add this feature at my Playback patch layout to resync 2 computers if needed, so the workaround don't really work for me... Did you managed to get a solution?
      Regards Nico