Flash to Max via Java

    Mar 23 2006 | 1:23 pm
    Hi list,
    I wondered if someone ever linked Java (mxj) to Flash, I tried real hard to establish some kind of communication but my Java knowledge is lacking a bit. I already know about Olaf Matthes' flashserver object but I really want to be able to connect from within mxj.
    I'll post the Java code and Flash ActionScript code right in this mail as well as a link to a zip file containing the Max patch, Java files and the *.fla file ( http://student-kmt.hku.nl/~leo/-/flash- java/ ).
    The problem :
    - connection to Flash is succesfull (using ServerSocket.accept(); )
    - sending data to Flash doesn't work yet (using : output = new PrintStream(client.getOutputStream()); ) but throws no exception
    - receiving data from Flash doesnt work either. Tried using input.readLine() but that one seems to be depricated and I can't find its alternative. But : calling the recive function in java and sending something from Flash causes nothing to happen untill I close the swf, now my message appears in Java ??? why is that.
    Thanks a lot,
    leo@nr37.nl www.nr37.nl
    Java code :
    // code by leo@nr37.nl
    import com.cycling74.max.*; import java.io.*; import java.net.*;
    public class flash extends MaxObject { ServerSocket server; Socket client;
    PrintStream output; DataInputStream input; String inputtext;
    public flash(Atom[] args) { declareInlets(new int[]{DataTypes.ALL}); declareOutlets(new int[]{DataTypes.ALL}); }
    public void create(int port) { try { server = new ServerSocket(port); try { client = server.accept(); post("mxj flash : Connected"); } catch(IOException e){ post(e.getMessage()); } } catch(IOException e){ post(e.getMessage()); } }
    public void send(String message) { try { output = new PrintStream(client.getOutputStream()); output.println(message); } catch (IOException e) { post(e.getMessage()); } }
    public void receive() { try { input = new DataInputStream(client.getInputStream()); inputtext = input.readLine(); } catch (IOException e) { post(e.getMessage()); } if(inputtext != null) { post("input = "+inputtext); }
    public void close() { try{ client.close(); server.close(); post("mxj flash : Connection lost..."); }catch(Exception e) { post(e.getMessage()); } } }
    Flash code :
    // code by leo@nr37.nl
    maxServer = new XMLSocket(); maxServer.connect("",7474);
    maxServer.onConnect = connectHandler; maxServer.onClose = closeHandler; maxServer.onData = dataHandler;
    function connectHandler(success) { if (success) { trace("connected"); } else { trace("connection failed"); } }
    function closeHandler() { trace("connection lost..."); }
    function dataHandler(maxdata) { trace(maxdata); }
    function sendData(flashdata) { maxserver.send(flashdata); }