Getting object value using the Java API

    Nov 11 2014 | 12:48 am
    How can one GET the value of a given MaxBox?
    Using the Java API it's possible to SET the value of an object's value and attributes using this method:
    MaxPatcher p = this.getParentPatcher();
    MaxBox mb = p.getNamedBox("objectScriptNameHere");
    mb.send( 12 );
    This is listed within the Java API documentation in the /java-doc/api folder structure of the Max installation. However, I'm unable to find the GET method.

    • Nov 12 2014 | 10:36 am
      No dice? Jan?
    • Dec 19 2014 | 4:55 am
      There is a fairly long and winding way around this, by creating and deleting some objects and so on...
      public void bang() {
      	MaxPatcher thePatcher = this.getParentPatcher();
      	MaxBox self = this.getMaxBox();
      	MaxBox numberBox = thePatcher.getNamedBox("number"); //Assumes existing object named "number"
      	MaxBox grab = this.getParentPatcher().newDefault(50, 50, "grab", null);
      	MaxBox prepender = this.getParentPatcher().newDefault(50, 80, "prepend", Atom.parse("number"));
      	thePatcher.connect(grab, 1, numberBox, 0);   //connect grab object to number object
      	thePatcher.connect(grab, 0, prepender, 0);   //connect grab object to prepend object
      	thePatcher.connect(prepender, 0, self, 0);   //connect prepend object to mxj object
      	grab.bang(); //trigger the grab object
      	grab.remove(); //Remove the temporary objects
      public void number(int x) {
      	post("The number is " + x);