[H] Set gridshape params in mxj


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    Bas van der Graaff
    Aug 07 2007 | 10:45 am
    Hi board,
    Im trying to control a gridshape in mxj, and while i can initialize with no problems, i can't seem to control any params.
    // create gridshape mygridshape = new JitterObject("jit.gl.gridshape", new Atom[]{Atom.newAtom("bobby")}); mygridshape.send("shape", "cylinder"); mygridshape.setAttr("blend_enable", 1);
    I can see a grey sphere on my jit.window, so the shape definitely doesn't get set. This is probably something very simple, but i've seen this code in other examples and i can't figure out what i'm doing wrong.
    The entire subject of "creating max objects in mxj and using them" is something that i cannot find much information about. Are there examples or guides that teach me this (for example, it's totally unclear to me when to use send or setAttr)? The only stuff i've found so far:
    maxmsp/java-doc/api-jitter maxmsp/cycling'74/java/classes maxmsp/examples/jitter-examples/java
    Thanks, Bas.