How video stream is represented in mxj (java)

    Jul 26 2010 | 10:19 pm
    I want to develop a max external which takes in a live video from jitter and broadcast it using JMF. Can some one guide me how a live video (video being played) can be referred as a DataSource for JMF?

    • Aug 07 2010 | 8:36 am
      First of all, you could of course try using the broadcast object from Max itself, but that's not your question.
      Video is represented as a stream of single jit.matrix objects. Your java external would have to convert the incoming jit.matrix object into whatever format (BufferedImage?) JMF needs one every frame. jit.matrix has a few methods like copyArrayToVectorPlanar for fast copying of array data.
      Note that uncompressed video data can become very heavy streams easily.
    • Aug 07 2010 | 12:19 pm
      Thanx Florito, Actually jit.Broadcast or jit.qt.broadcast does not stream Audio and video together, it only streams video. Where I want to stream video with audio, thats wot I am trying to achieve. do you have some idea how it can b achieved?