Maven and Max jar-files

    Nov 29 2009 | 5:38 pm
    Hi, is there a repository I can add to my pom.xml to include the Max/MSP/Jitter jar-files in my project?

    • Nov 30 2009 | 3:22 pm
      if it's a jar, can't you include it within the jar archive? I may be missing something here though, so don't shoot ;-)
    • Sep 28 2010 | 11:15 am
      I couldn't find a repository, thought using the system scope and some profile properties the problem was easily solved!
      here is an example:
      ... /Applications/Max5/Cycling '74/java ... com.cycling74 max 5.1.5 system ${maxmsp.path}/lib/max.jar ... my-windows C:/Music/MaxMSP5/java my-mac /Applications/Max5/Cycling '74/java
      now you can add your current config type to your user settings.xml
      ... my-mac ...