Max6 [mxj] hang

    Nov 20 2013 | 7:06 pm
    Hi folks,
    I'm os OSX 10.9, with Max 6, working on a large Java-based project (
    If I attempt to instantiate an [mxj] with one of my classes, Max hangs forever. If, however, I first instantiate one of the example Java classes (e.g. [mxj echo]), and then instantiate one of mine, everything runs perfectly.
    I've tried shuffling things in my Java project around, exporting a Jar instead of letting Max use the class files, tinkering with the settings in the file, moving my one non-max.jar dependency (log4j.jar) to different locations. No dice.
    Finally, if I instantiate any of my Java classes in Max 5, everything works perfect.
    Any ideas?

    • Nov 20 2013 | 8:04 pm
      Hi Josiah,
      Currently, there are some issues with mxj and Mac OS 10.9 and we hope to have a fix soon. As a workaround, I believe that if you unjar your files, things should work ok.
    • Nov 20 2013 | 9:28 pm
      Great, thanks!
      I ended up removing my one external JAR dependency entirely - which was only to help with debugging when running unit tests in Eclipse -, and everything seems to be OK. My largest patches load in about ~1 second, which is awesome.
      A maybe related issue:
      The project is structured to work with Max6's package system. If I put the project into the packages directory, the very first time (and only the very first time) I open any patch making use of my Java classes, Max hangs for 30-45 seconds.