MaxobjListener callback called for every attribute when 'null' is provided for attribute name?

    Jun 03 2021 | 12:47 am
    I'm trying to make a Maxobjlistener that changes the color of the observed object when it's value changes. This is creating an infinite loop of MaxobjListener callbacks. But per the MaxobjListener documentation: "If the attribute_name argument is specified, the MaxobjListener object will observe that named attribute. Otherwise the object's value will be observed." Am I doing this wrong, or is this a bug? Some example code is like this: function valuechanged(data) { var v = data.value * 0.01 post(v, "\n") // view console spew data.listener.maxobject.setattr("bgcolor", [0.5, v, v, 1.]) outlet(0, "bang") } // a numbox var mxobj = this.patcher.getnamed("color") // listen to value changes of the numbox var listener = new MaxobjListener( mxobj, null, valuechanged )