passing arguments to objects created with newDefault

    Dec 25 2008 | 1:11 am
    There was this thread sometime ago :
    which didnt receive any response regarding the initial problem.
    I've been trying some mxj based patcher scripting and this is still a problem in 5.0.5.
    I've scoured the forum for any thread I can find but still I cant find a way to generate a 'cycle~' object using newDefault and get the arguments in properly.
    The problem is that the first two arguments always appear as and the last 2 arguments in the list dont make it into the object.
    I thought this might be something to do with the attributes system so i've been trying various incantations with @attribute values but it still generates the same pair of s at the start.
    Am i missing something or is it a bug?
    For now im using the 'newObject' method but in other threads about scripting this is talked about as being 'the old way' and its 'not going to be supported' or something along those lines so I would prefer to get the newDefault stuff working.
    p.s. will there be any html javadoc pages generated for Max 5?

    • Dec 25 2008 | 9:54 am
    • Dec 25 2008 | 11:04 am
      you're right about the java-doc, its in the top level folder. I dont know where I was expecting it to be..
      also I was getting the command wrong for the newDefault. I assumed that the parameter 'maxclassname' would be "cycle~", not "newobj" and then with the object creation parameters as atoms afterwards.
      Now i've taken some time to read some of the .maxpat / json files I can see how its all the same mapping.
      I think the example at the top of the MaxPatcher javadoc file should be updated to show an example of newobj usage with attributes because the current example partly contributed to my false understanding. :)
      thanks for putting me straight, its appreciated.