Quick Responce Code to mxj?

    Aug 27 2008 | 1:41 pm
    Hiya! There can be it will seem to someone interesting and useful. At this time I have not find object thats can find and decode Quick Responce Codes in image or video.
    Hope it's not hard for java guru's, and may be in the near future we can get this great possibility in Max in mxj )))
    Hope anyone has interest)
    This is class for Processing: http://www.shiffman.net/p5/pqrcode/ And this is the source: http://qrcode.sourceforge.jp/
    Thanks for your time! And sorry for bad english ^_^

    • Dec 12 2011 | 3:32 am
      Yep! QR Code is getting popular in recent years,cuz we see it just about everywhere. And it's indeed easy to use. In fact I often generate QR code free on line to encode a website when printing the page. Save the trouble of typing later! You should try it someday:) http://www.onbarcode.com/products/java_barcode/barcodes/qrcode.html
    • Sep 18 2013 | 7:27 am
      Yup indeed, the Quick Responce Codes become more and more common in our daily life. Afine tool to decode QR codes seems to be so necessary. Do you have any recommendations about it?