[sharing] Message exchange across the internet

    Feb 21 2012 | 11:07 pm
    Today I published a tool here : https://cycling74.com/tools/jm-pubnub/ It is a mxj/java class that allows message exchange between Max-patches, websites and other devices (Android, iThings and other) across the internet without having to deal with IP adresses. It uses the PubNub push service.
    It is tested under Win-Xp and Mac OSX - if some of you have any feedback or find bugs, I am happy hear about it.

    • Feb 23 2012 | 12:16 pm
      Wow, thanks for sharing. I think this has some true potential. Their website is a bit unclear about which sites are aready supporting it but gaming-consoles? That would be awesome.
      (The fact all data runs through their server is a little worrying though but hey, what else is new...)
    • Feb 23 2012 | 12:52 pm
      ... For gaming consoles i don´t think that it would be possible to interact with existing games, but as practically all consoles can execute http requests it sure can be integrated in a custom written game.
      (And for the data and the servers: pretty true, but in fact any internet connection runs through a commercial server nowadays... - sure would be nicer if not... )
    • Feb 23 2012 | 1:49 pm
      It's not so much the provider's i worry about. I think they are not allowed to analyze the data flowing through. I can't imagine they abide by that rule but it's another step to provide others with that data. Something facebook etc. do. There was a huge stir up some time ago because the phone-companies lost revenue because of smartphones and social networking (nobody calls anymore) so they announced to check if you used certain services (skype, ping, twitter and whatnot) and if you did, charge more for it (i.e. analyze the data). That plan was quickly thrown out because of privacy concerns, instead they charge more in general now. But indeed, it would sure be nicer if it wouldn't be possible at all.