The Max5 / Max for Live API Netbeans plugin

    Sep 23 2012 | 6:10 am
    Hi gang!
    Ever since I started with using Java to develop Max externals I started thinking. Thing is; when it comes to Java then I'm a die hard NetBeans user, been using this IDE from version 4.1 and up until now. I'll spare you guys the (all) details but the most important parts are that it fully supports the Java standards, it has a GUI builder ("Matisse") which is the kind of stuff I haven't seen anywhere before in an open source environment, is extremely versatile (you can use Java to write extensions for the IDE), supports several other languages (C++, PHP, JavaScript, HTML) and...
    With special thanks to Cycling '74 for making this possible by allowing me to do this.. As of now it also provides support for developing Max Java externals through the use of my Max 5 API NetBeans plugin.
    What does the NetBeans plugin provide
    It provides a lot: It adds the max.jar and jitter.jar libraries to your NetBeans environment, it also adds 2 new project types; one to develop a Max Java external and one to develop a Max 5 Java external with Jitter support, 2 new file types (one to setup a basic Max object and one to setup a Max object without outlets) and finally it adds approx. 6 keyboard shortcuts to quickly add methods to process incoming data.
    For example: typing "maxint" into the IDE, followed by the 'expand' key will create a method to process incoming integer messages. And it provides floats, bangs, lists and the rest too!
    The plugin registers itself with the main NetBeans help screen so you'll also get common information as well as an overview of all the provided keyboard shortcuts in there.
    And finally; should you install this plugin then it will also add "" as a plugin update center. Meaning that if you install my plugin you will be automatically warned about new versions becoming available. For example; although this isn't present now I am planning to follow up on the help section and add more information on how to develop Max plugins in there.
    I also plan to expand the amount of keyboard shortcuts, but I still need to look deeper into this first.
    If you want to know more then you can find out all there is to know (including some screenshots) on the SynthFan Java page.
    PS: As mentioned... this is Max 5 only. that's because my main interest is directed at Max 5 due to Max for Live.

    • Sep 24 2012 | 9:29 am
      I just want to say that I'm quite happy to read this, since I'm doing courses of Java where Netbeans is used as IDE. As a heavy Max user, I'm sure your plugin will soon become very handy for me when I will start making own externals :-)
      tnx for making this!