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do Max control: 6 diferent video output + 6 audio channel output + dmx light control

Oct 16 2008 | 12:07 pm

Im looking for a plataform (software) that could control video+audio+lights for theater with just one remote control like wii or apple remote.
I would like to create several sets of light/video/sound and controled them by just one click and using only one computer.

I found a Vj program called Modul8 that can produce 8 different video output in realtime with transissions.
It work with quicktime mov or other formats, but since this program is for vj

Oct 17 2008 | 12:15 am



Oct 17 2008 | 10:02 am

The longer answer… yes, but.

You will need to invest a fair bit of time though to do this well. No problem if you’re motivated and have the spare time. For a quick result I wouldn’t suggest Max.

Oct 17 2008 | 10:19 am

Thank you all for the answers.


Oct 17 2008 | 11:48 am

The new Resolume software is good for doing both video and sound. Also VDMX.

Both can be controlled via MIDI or OSC for example. For a truly flexible system Max/MSP is entirely the way to go though.

Oct 17 2008 | 10:58 pm

There are very few software platforms that will allow you to simultaneously generate video, audio, and lighting control messages in the way you’re looking for. Max is definitely one of them. It sounds like you’ve got the right hardware for the job.

If you explain a little bit more about what you’re trying to do, we can probably make better suggestions. For instance, do you need to generate video on the fly, or are you just playing back video files. Similarly, do you need to generate audio on the fly, or are you just playing back audio files? Does the lighting control just consist of pre-made presets, or are you generating lighting control scenes on the fly?

If you’re just playing back audio files, video files, and lighting control presets, then this project is not terribly difficult, and max might even be overkill.

However, if you’re generating any of this stuff on the fly (in other words, generating video or audio in real time, based on what’s happening on stage, or based on parameters that the operator can be tweaking in real time, etc.) then I can’t think of any other program than Max that I would use. Also, if you are generating any content in real time, you have a much more complicated task in front of you.

If you hired an experienced Max programmer to help you out, it would probably take him/her a few days to get it all working if all you’re doing is playing back pre-made files and presets. If you’re generating content, it could take a few weeks. If you intend to learn Max from scratch and create patches that will generate content in real time (for a professional venue), it could take months or years.

Oct 18 2008 | 11:01 pm

Im interested in learning max msp because i believe is a great and flexible multimedia tool.
But because im working in a large amplitude of projects and i dont have much time to spend learning more and more tools i only choose the programs to learn if they are the best solution for one project.

For this project, there are things that must be done like, 6 diferent video output syncronized with 6 audio channels and lights all controlled by one remote control.
Other things could be done depending on the plataform, like realtime video capture with chromakeyer or body tracking, realtime animation using sound input.


The solutions were divided by hardware and software requirments.

media servers with video and sound
Mixing light table
All controlled by one piece of software (there area diferent solutions)

Just one computer with several video and audio outputs and one dmx for controlling lights.

My firtst solutions: Max/Msp and Adobe Director
both of this plataforms offers several video and audio output, dmx and midi control.
But….it was required "some" programming and "some" time (a lot)

Second solution:
Vj programs like modul8 and other software for controlling the lights
The problem was controlling the cues and triggering midi for virtual light mixer.
Other solved problem was how to control the audio (by quicktime)

Final solution:
i hope this should be the final solution.

Qlab for controlling the media with cue lists,
The Audio and video can be sent to diferent outputs, there is a great mixer for the audio.
We can creat midi messages in the cue list to trigger the virtual mixing light table.
MidiStageConsole a very simple 24 channel mixer with cues freeware software that can receive and send midi messages.
We create the cues for the lights and trigger them from Qlab.

For the remote control….well i choose wiinRemote and the Wii remote control.
Im doing some research in this area and this software can receive the messages from wii remote by bluetooth and convert them in any message (like keys or mouse behavior) sending the trigger to Qlab.

I did some test and everything is working nice…

Again, im very interested in taking some time with max, but i thing is going to be in other project.

Thanks to fairesigneaumachiniste and swieser1 for the support.


Apr 13 2009 | 10:05 am


I am just doing a work for a choreographer and I command video, sound and light with only one machine, using Isadora (

Isadora is more oriented video on stage than max, it lacks many off the great sound/video possibility of max but is many more quicker to use and to react on the fly… (comparing the 2, for a director demand on isadora, it’s a coffe time, for max it’s night time…).

On the current project, I use 1 macBook Pro with a matrox doubleHead2go for 2 SD streams, 1 m-audio fw 410 for 8 channels sound and 2 channel input (for sound triggering), 1 lanbox (, for dmx command for light and motors, I use 2 macMinis wired by ethernet to have 2 SD videos.

All is working perfectly. The advantage of using lanbox (over enntec for exemple) is that the dmx is not directly made by your computer (very demanding job), but prepared before and Isadora just send order to play that lightning cue.

If you are interseted, I can give you more informations about my settings.

All the best,

Jacques Hoepffner

Apr 13 2009 | 10:23 am

i would propose:

max/msp for the wii, dmx, audio

i would use the lanbox as dmx controller:

it is not only an adaptor, its a complete mixing
desk with editing software and example max patches to
control it.

the video i would do with modul8.
you can control it via midi or osc from the max application.



Apr 13 2009 | 12:43 pm

If you have access to someone with some Max knowledge, I’d vote for that, it sounds like a great project for it. Then again, I say that since I love it and am more experienced with it than the other options. Sounds like you have a good handle on what you need and since the show is soon you should go with what will work.

One note though, I’d choose the iPhone over the Wii, it has a much better range and seems more accurate. Just a thought. I like the TouchOSC app for doing things like this.

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