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java doesn't work. error: could not find jvm

Jul 02 2007 | 10:16 pm

hi all,

I can’t get jitter java support working on some machines.
When I try to start jitter (as a standalone with the runtime) the message "error: could not find jvm" appears. Everything else works fine, just no java.

The strange thing is, that this happens only on a few machines and I can’t find the difference between the working ones and the non working.

All Machines have this in common:

Same Hardware
Windows XP SP2
Sun Java 6u1
Jitter 1.6.3
Max 4.6

One difference is, that the nonworking ones first didn’t have SP2. I installed it after the Java installer told me that it is required. I first tried without, then deinstalled Java, installed SP2, installed Java again.

Does anybody have an idea?

thanks secco

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