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Dec 10 2008 | 10:43 pm

hey i’m new at this, so please bear with me. I’m using and u menu to play multiple videos from a folder at once, in different areas of the projections screen. I’ve been using checkitem to toggle the videos that have played/ are playing so that it will only choose to play videos that haven’t been played already until all of them have played. To do this i’ve been trying to use gettoggle to activate a gswitch to enableitem 1 or enableitem 0. this doesn’t seem to be working, or maybe i’m connecting it wrong?

Also to play multiple videos with the, should i make separate patches for each one, or connect all of them into one?

Thanks for helping out!


Dec 11 2008 | 3:16 am

Try the URN object which you can reset with a bang out of it’s right outlet to start the cycle over. Look at Max Tutorial 43 (pg 242).

For more info about playing multiple video images the jitter example (Examples folder/jitter-examples/render/jt.glvideoplane-multi.pat) might get you started.

I’m pretty new to all of this as well but hopefully this will point you in a helpful direction.


Dec 11 2008 | 3:32 am

thank you so much. I will check that out.


Dec 11 2008 | 3:35 am

Try this:

— Pasted Max Patch, click to expand. —
Dec 11 2008 | 7:17 am

thank you so much for this!
do you have suggestions for making the loop of the video ending trigger the urn as opposed to the metro? (i’m trying to get loopreport $1 to send a message, but not succesfully yet…

Dec 11 2008 | 8:26 am

figured it out!

loopnotify message out of the the framedump(right output) of the object, that triggers a button, to object s achoo, r achoo into the toggle at the top of the patch, set the metro object at 300.

thanks everyone, i’m sure i’ll have more questions as i move into the second step…


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