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Max Msp 5.1 Crashes when loading a new vst.

Dec 25 2009 | 5:44 pm

Hi everyone,

I`m building a patch and i have 5 vst objects with the same vst loaded on them.
I wanted to change one of them but for a strange reason when i try to change the name or use the plug message max crashes.I also tried creating a new vst object with the new name and it crashed again.
Ive included my vst folder in the max searchpath so im not getting this.
When i started the patch i had no problem loading different vsts..
is there any limit on how many you can load?
The 5 different instances were created by copying and pasting the first vst object,but i cant see how this is a problem..anyway im mentioning it to make things clear.

Thank you!

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