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MRJToolkit, long filenames, problems

Aug 13 2007 | 3:35 pm

I have been trying to find a solution in converting back and forth between the HFS and HFS+ filenames inside of max. So far, I have been completely unsuccessful in everything I have tried.

The lastest path I have been taking is due to the information on this page:

However, I cannot find any JDirect3 stuff on the Apple site or any information on calling Native code, or linking it in. I tried added MRJToolkit into the mix, but the JDirect stuff is not in there.

So, while this path may be approaching a dead end quickly, has ANYONE figured out a way to convert back and forth between the HFS filenames ( and the HFS+ ( filenames in Max using Java, Javascript or Max? I am using Java as a file browser because I want the long names, but need the short names for [].

Thanks in advance for ANY help on this. It is driving me INSANE!



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